About the Northern Rhode Island Council of the Arts

Floating Sculpture Contest, 2005Vision Statement

To upgrade community life by means of the arts.

Mission Statement:

It has long been recognized by members of the Northern Rhode Island Council of the Arts that one of the better ways of bonding individuals together is by the means of art-related activities. Our organization has always been aware, that while drawing on the better qualities of a culture the arts assist in the dispelling of bias and bigotry. These activities assist in allowing for mankind's positive nature – his innate ability to create – to radiate. Our organization believes that time is of the essence for individuals to recognize the essential role the arts have in the dispelling of violence and negativity within society and the individual. The arts are one of the only means to curtail violence, and tear down barriers that are based on age ability, gender or national origin. We acknowledge that the "arts" can no longer be viewed as a mere luxury in which individuals pretend paying homage to – because it is the "in vogue" thing to do. Therefore, as an organization, we naturally applaud efforts and openly endorse any policies on such matters or issues. Obviously, our group invites any activity that expands this form of dialogue.

Queen's Coronation, 2003


NRICA is a 501 C-3 tax-exempt non-profit corporation. We primarily function as an umbrella association for both performing and visual activities. Though we have no paid staff, our approximate eighty volunteers, share common interests and values that have kept our organization together since 1972. Our organization showcases over thirty-five local, national and international artists annually. Every major arts activity within Northern Rhode Island can be directly or indirectly traced to NRICA. Though not the flashiest organization, over the years NRICA has quietly progressed. Years ago, we would hear politicians and business leaders state, "What do you want?" That has changed to, "How can we help you?"

Past events include but not limited to: The Mayor's Talent Show, the Children's Reach Out Arts and Cultural Series, Fiesta in the Park, Showcasing of numerous local talent and national tours, The Harvest Heritage Concert, The Multi Culture Fair, Save the Woonsocket Opera House, The Stadium Theatre Project, The French Farmers' Market and Heritage Day, Marketeers' Reception, Polish Pumpkin Fest, Mayoral Summer Series, the River Island Gazebo, Mardi Gras, Settler's Day, the Cesare Ferrari Scholarship Fund, and now our charter school for Arts and Business - BEACON.

Mardi Gras, 2003Over the years, NRICA has assisted or been given assistance by many such as: The Greater Woonsocket Historical Society, The Rhode Island State Council of the Arts, The New England Foundation for the Arts, The Rhode Island Foundation, The Woonsocket Lions, Main Street 2000, The City of Woonsocket, The Town of Lincoln, The City of Pawtucket, Union St. Jean Baptiste, The Franco-American Commission, The Quota Club, Woonsocket Elks Club, Woonsocket's American Federated Teachers – Local 951, Blackstone Valley Tourism, Blackstone National Corridor, National Endowment for the Arts, Fleet Bank, Citizens Bank, Credit Union Central Falls, Park Square Credit Union, Marquette Credit Union, Manville Sportsmen's Club, Woonsocket Jaycees, WOON, WNRI, The Call, The Valley Breeze, The Providence Journal, The Pawtucket Times, Autumfest Comm., the Arc, Travel with Terry, Conway Tours Woonsocket's Museum of Work and Culture, Pillsbury House, Material Sand and Gravel, Deli Encounters, Wal-Mart, Save Rite, R.I. Arts and Tourism Commission, Soucy Insurance, Amica, CVS, Park Square Florist, Woonsocket Motor Inn, Holiday Express, and a host of other businesses, politicians, friends and families all coming together for the common good.